Council made a good decision on Pool

Kudos to the Burbank City Council for its recent decision to extend our inadequately short swimming season by an extra two months. 

McCambridge Park Pool will now be open for lap swimming during the evenings and on weekends, and family as well as recreational swimming will also be available on weekends to the end of October. 

This is a small step in the right direction. 

At the June 24 council meeting, council members will discuss its priority goals, which will include the development of a year-round aquatics program, as well as the design and funding options for new aquatic facilities to replace our aging McCambridge and Verdugo pools. 

I would love to see the city of Burbank build an all-inclusive aquatic center along the lines of what Lompoc and La Mirada have done with programs for all ages, all-year round. 

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