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Well done Marsha Ramos!

August 7, 2008

Marsha Ramos

COMMUNITY COMMENTARY – Published in Burbank Leader 5/7/2008

I want to publicly thank Marsha Ramos for her service and sacrifice as Mayor during the past 12 months, and for a job well done. Her love for this City and leadership is evident to all! Marsha has accomplished much during her term, building a healthier Community through initiatives such her Saturday Morning “Walks with the Mayor”, and the recent Health Fair on Chandler. She’s made herself accessible to the community, with an open-door policy that every public servant should strive to emulate. She’s met with lawmakers in Sacramento and Washington D.C. as our City’s Ambassador, lobbying for our community’s best interests. She’s streamlined oral communications in a manner that expedites the completion of City business, while still preserving the public’s right & ability to speak on issues. And she’s shown compassion for the homeless and supported the non-profit agencies that provide critical services to this community. Marsha Ramos has served with honor & integrity, and has done us proud!
It is fitting that during the final week of her term as Mayor, that the City of Burbank has received yet another award to go along with our A-Grade from the American Lung Association, & “100 Healthiest Communities for Young People” award, this time from Valley Community Clinic for outstanding leadership in creating a Healthier, Safer and Smoke-Free Community. Ms. Ramos supported the 2007 SHS Control Ordinance, along with former Mayors Todd Campbell & Jef Vander
Borght, and has  carried the torch on this issue to make sure we had an effective and enforceable ordinance that truly protects Burbank residents & children of from the health dangers & nuisance of second-hand smoke.
As a result, Downtown Burbank has been transformed. No longer are people enveloped by a cloud of smoke as they cross Magnolia and walk past The Coffee Bean. No longer are families & children unwillingly exposed to cigarette’s cancer-causing toxins & carcinogens at our wonderful City & community events. Many people have been encouraged to quit smoking and many children will never take that first puff leading to a life-long addiction thanks to this ordinance.
Finally, many other Cities have now implemented or are the process of implementing their own Public Smoking Regulations, such as Beverly Hills, and soon our neighboring City of Glendale will go through a similar process. All because people like Marsha Ramos had the courage and conviction to do something; to take on a politically controversial issue and to do the right thing, despite opposition from a few disgruntle smokers, and other individuals who seem to be opposed to anything and everything that’s good for the majority of Burbank residents & children. Well done Marsha Ramos, well done!

Eric Michael Cap speaks @ Burbank Council meeting

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