Burbank Council Candidate Q&A – Dave Golonski


Dave Golonski

1. In 2007 Burbank passed a Second-Hand Smoke Control Ordinance to protect the public’s health & well-being, and which has since been emulated by numerous cities (Glendale, Pasadena etc.). Do you support the “SHSCO” & would you support an amendment to the ordinance to limit smoking in multi-unit housing? 

~ I strongly support our existing SHSCO and would be willing to look at the issue for multi-family housing. I believe that’s a tougher issue, but perhaps requiring notice would be a good initial step. 

2. In late 2008 the Council updated Burbank’s Film Permit Ordinance to accommodate the use of hand-held cameras, but still prohibits the use of such cameras without a ($350) permit if external lighting/audio gear is used. Would you support amending the current fee structure to waive &/or lower permit fees for small-scale video productions? 

~ Yes. 

3. In 2006 the Council adopted a ZTA with AUP process to allow Music Lessons as a ~Home Occupation. Would you support revisiting our (10 year old) Home Occupation Ordinance to allow more reasonable & flexible home business usage to enable more people (media freelancers, moms etc.) to work-at-home? 

~ I am willing to look at this issue, however I will want to make sure that we don’t turn residential zones into defacto commercial zones and that we make sure that neighborhoods are protected from potential negative impacts. 

4. You all seem to agree that protecting our residential neighborhoods “quality-of-life” is key. We live adjacent to a school in a R-1 zone and my neighbors and I experience daily the negative impacts from peak-hour traffic, school noise & student interactions. Many of us have had our property damaged by students and soccer is now being played on weekends. What can/will you do to protect our quality-of-life & safety? 

~ I am always willing to look at what can be done to improve the quality of life in every neighborhood. School traffic can be chaotic and we’ve been able to make some improvements in some areas. Living next to a school will always mean there are certain impacts that are unavoidable, similar to living next to a park. 

5. Do you support the building of a new Aquatics Facility to replace our aging swimming pools and year-round programs for all people & ages? 

~ Yes. 

6. If I support your candidacy, will you return my calls, read & respond to my emails, &/or meet with me (if necessary) to discuss an issue of importance? i.e. Will you be my/our representative? 

~ Yes. 

7. Would you make any changes to the current Public Comment period at Council meetings or leave it “as is”? (Please specify any changes) 

~ Probably leave it as it is, I would like to see if we can schedule hearings on a certain night where that is all we are going to do. 

8. Accountability and open/transparent Government is important to most people. What steps will you take to ensure Staff’s responsiveness to information requests and the public’s access to documentation under the FOIA (Freedom of Information Act)? 

~ The city is required by law to respond to FOIA requests in a certain time frame. I think the city needs to be timely in honoring informal requests as well. 

9. What specific cuts in spending will you propose in order to overcome our projected $7 million dollar plus budget deficit in 2009? Can you balance the Budget without raising utility rates or dramatically cutting City services? Will you hold City Department heads accountable for wasteful spending & inefficiencies? 

~ I would start by freezing all non-essential open positions, reviewing outside consulting contracts and looking for ways to save money on the various things that we purchase (i.e. insurance). We can balance the budget without impacting the level of service we provide. Rates are a different issue as our rates are all handled as enterprise funds and their levels are set based on our costs. I would look for ways to cut or maintain our costs to minimize any rate increase that may be necessary. 

10. With all of the recent business closures and job losses, what can we do as a community to maintain a vibrant local economy? What would you do to encourage employers to hire locally and the public to shop & dine locally? 

~ We can get the word out to everyone that it helps our community to shop locally, use local businesses and keep jobs local. 

11. There’s been some controversy over the past few years re the use of Redevelopment Funds for certain projects, most notably BHC & FSA. Where do you stand on these matters? How would you maximize our Redevelopment dollars to improve Burbank. 

~ We have used redevelopment funds to better our community and this has included supporting some non-profits that provide essential service to our community. We have also contributed in the range of $45 million to our schools, built a new Police/Fire headquarters, new fire stations and the Buena Vista Library with Redevelopment funds. I’d call that maximizing these funds. We also use these funds for infrastructure needs such as the recent improvements on Burbank Blvd. 

12. With imminent budget cuts to School district funds, what if anything can you do to work with BUSD to ensure our children’s educational needs are met, as well as our school’s infrastructure needs? 

~ We are funding the renovation of the track & fields at our High Schools and the building of a new stadium at Burroughs. We work closely with the school district and support Peacebuilders at the elementary schools as well as counseling at elementary, middle and high schools. We also support programs such as Challenge Day at our middle and high schools. We currently pay for a resource manager to help the district conserve energy and water and will continue to look for ways to help them provide better services and reduce their costs. 

13. Do you support Term Limits? Would you support a ballot measure that would allow the people of Burbank to vote on this issue? Will you vow to serve no more than 2 full terms? 

~ I think the voters of Burbank are quite capable of choosing who they think will best represent them. I also don’t believe we have had a problem with lack of turnover on the council. After this election at least 4 of the council members will have less than three years experience. 

14. Where do you stand on Airport related matters such as the Part 161 Study, the possibility of noisy stage-2 aircrafts being re-directed from Van Nuys Airport, the B-6 Property and a new relocated terminal? 

~ I strongly support the Part 161 application for a mandatory curfew and believe a new terminal needs to come with guarantees against expansion. 

15. Re the Environment; What specific things can we do that we aren’t already doing to improve our air quality and be more eco-friendly? 

~ There are many things we can do to be a more sustainable city. I believe the city should be a leader in this area, as we have been with our Natural Gas fleet and our push towards more renewable sources in our energy portfolio. I would also like to see us create our own green waste composting program (we currently ship green waste to Ventura) and promote more use of bio-fuels. 

Contact Dave Golonski: 
Phone: 818-434-5873 
Email: Dgolon@aol.com 
Web site: http://www.reelectdavegolonski.com Dave Golonski web site

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