Alert: Unlicensed Transitional Care Biz. in R-1

Over 50 Burbank Residents Protest Transitional Care Businesses in R-1.

Links: Burbank Leader story | Tom Abrams letter

Update 2/8/14: Thank You Bob Frutos for rescinding your vote and joining Councilman David Gordon in trying to protect R-1 residential neighborhoods from State mandated Unlicensed transitional housing. Big Thanks also to Juan J GuillenKevin MuldoonMichael B. Moynahan & everyone @ for speaking up.

Update 3/26/14: Burbank Community Meeting 3/31/14 to discuss City’s Housing Element prior to 4/1/14 Council Meeting & IDCO (Interim Development Control Ordinance) discussion.

UPDATE 4/1/14: City Council Instructs Staff to Research IDCO | Burbank Leader Editorial

2 Responses to “Alert: Unlicensed Transitional Care Biz. in R-1”

  1. Eric Michael Cap Says:

    This is very disturbing if true:

  2. Eric Michael Cap Says:

    Re The Incident…Here’s what I’ve been told by 2 different people who were at City Hall last week; At the end of the Council meeting Mike Nolan was talking with Councilman Gary Bric about an Airport email he had referenced during public comment outside the Council chambers, when a very irate Mayor Emily Gabel-Luddy interjected herself into the conversation and some choice words were exchanged between Mr Nolan & the Mayor. It’s not clear as to what exactly set her off, although a quick review of Council Responses to Public Comment does show Mr Nolan speaking over her from the back of the Chamber as the meeting concluded. After unsuccessfully trying to have Mr Nolan removed from the building by security (why I don’t know), City Manager Marc Scott intervened to try and calm the Mayor down, escorting her to the Council offices where Councilman Jess Talamantes was. Mr Bric followed & told Emily she shouldn’t have got between him & Nolan and City Mgr. Scott went off at him. Hearing the ruckus, Bob Frutos walks in to see what was going on, try’s to defend Bric and City Mgr. Scott starts yelling at him, angry that he had changed his vote on the Unlicensed Transitional Housing issue, and complaining that he didn’t have Staff’s back, to which Frutos retorted something to the effect of: “I don’t work for you, you work for me”, before leaving. Gordon who had already left the building and missed the drama was in the carpark and a few minutes later Emily emerged to go home. So it appears there was no “illegal” or planned meeting to discuss city business, just a situation where 4 Council members + City Mgr were in the same place at the same time. During Tuesday nights Council meeting apologies were read by both the Mayor and City Manager, who apparently was admonished in Closed Session & appeared contrite when addressing the matter after it surfaced on the Semi-Chorus blog. And who says Council Meetings are boring? Please PRAY for our Elected Leaders & City Staff.

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