Happy Halloween! Talaria “Nightmare on Olive”.



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Talaria “Nightmare on Olive”:- Read this excellent Talaria Public Hearing summary with Video highlights on Fronnie Lewis Media City Groove Blog.

One Response to “Happy Halloween! Talaria “Nightmare on Olive”.”

  1. iLuvBurbank Says:

    I’m disappointed the Council didn’t downsize the project, that the Developer was exempted from providing the necessary affordable units as outlined in the General Plan, that no re-location costs were added as a condition of approval, that the City gave away public property valued between $900k;-$4M for just $1M, that a vibrant Church of over 300 people (Victory Baptist) are losing their home, the threats/intimidation used by the Cusumano’s and Michael Hastings, the Planning Board rubber stamp, Bob Frutos comments/support, and that some Council members who had received campaign contributions from the Cusumano family did not have the integrity to recuse themselves from the hearing. This is going to be a traffic nightmare despite the City’s efforts to mitigate the negative impacts via cup-de-sacs. Also disappointed that only 1 prospective Council candidate (Juan Guillen) came down to speak on behalf of the residents. – See more at: http://www.mediacitygroove.com/news-general-info/talk-of-the-town-burbank-city-council-needs-to-reconsider-talaria-vote#comment-192522

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