Burbank Council Vacancy & Budget Issues

Council candidates2

The Field for the race to replace the late Will Rogers is in and it’s bigger than the Kentucky Derby! You can download the Form Guide here: Applicants

OPINION: I have read through all the applications and and think Juan Guillen deserves his chance on the Council. He was the next highest vote getter in the last 2 General Elections that’s applied, has a record of Community Service that is second to none, will help the City make the tough Budget decisions they need to make, while protecting our quality of life by opposing massive projects like the iHeartBurbank 1200 Units & Hotel slated for the old Ikea site.


Vahe Hovanessian has also run for office a few times and has a lot of relevant experience as an Attorney who once interned at City Hall prior to opening his own private practice. He has served on both the Planning Board & BWP Boards and has never been afraid to voice a dissenting opinion. Barry Gussow is a current Park & Rec. Board member with a long history of Community service. He’s a successful local Realtor & while some may have concerns about him being Pro-Development, his business background might be helpful dealing with our Budget, Pension & Infrastructure deficits.


Best of the Rest in no particular order: Carolyn Jackson (Charter Review Committee, Family Promise) and a couple of Media wild cards: Actor Michael Gogin and DP/Cameraman Alex Wysocki. It would be nice if the City Council had at least 1 member that represented us Media folks and was not a Retired Public Service Employee pulling in 100k +/- pension c/o Taxpayers. Good Luck!

I urge the City Council to focus on long-time Burbank residents with the practical experience & skillset needed to do what’s a very difficult job and who have a demonstrated record of Community service, not agenda-driven political novices or polarizing pro-development rubber-stamps. Please choose wisely!

Other Links: Email City Council | Special Meeting Agenda

Proposed City Budget | Local Ballot Measures

Quick Update 5/10 re changes to the City Council replacement member selection process; The City will just be listening to Applicant Statements (3min. ea.) & Public Comments (3min. ea.) tonight and then selecting their respective Top 3 choices (up to 12 people depending on overlap), who will move on to the 2nd Round to take place Monday evening where they will be asked 5 Questions each with 15 min. per Applicant total time to respond. The Council will then pick their respective top choices and have final discussions. If they can’t agree on a candidate via majority vote, the Mayor has the authority via the City Charter to select the winning candidate.

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5 Responses to “Burbank Council Vacancy & Budget Issues”

  1. Jim Cain Says:

    How about getting David Gordon back?

  2. iLuvBurbank Says:


    Dr Gordon didn’t apply so he can’t be considered for the current vacant seat. Maybe he’ll run in 2020 for the open seat? We’ll see. Cheers!

    • James Says:

      I see that now. Thanks. Too bad…I always thought he was the conscience of the council. I’ve said this earlier: As a reporter, I covered numerous city councils, both in Colorado and in the SF Bay area. And as a resident, I’ve watched the Burbank council. Hands down, Burbank’s is the most unresponsive, insensitive and unethical council I’ve ever seen. I don’t know what their agenda is–but it sure as hexx isn’t to fairly represent the homeowners of Burbank. As for the city staff–forget it. Just FYI, as a newcomer to Burbank 20 + years ago, I went to the city clerk’s office and asked to see a copy of that year’s city budget. They flatly refused. I was told “It is private”!!!
      When I said I would write to the California Attorney General’s office, my request was escalated and I finally got a copy. Too bad Burbank doesn’t have an aggressive daily newspaper. That would straighten out the council. J

  3. Al in SoCal Says:

    Interesting – I agree w/ Mr. Gussow, I was impressed by his speech and even quoted him in mine.

    I’ll take a ding that I’m a political novice …. so probably not ready for prime time. Glad you threw me a smile – and while we might disagree on most issues – it’s nice to see that we can at least be civil to one another. It’s great you take time out of your schedule to run a blog like this …

  4. Al in SoCal Says:

    Also Vahe Hovenassian, his wife is also in the community service arena of Burbank – they are a class act, and I’d support either one if they made it there.

    My regret on the Charter Review Committee is that we didn’t ‘regulate’ the process. Perhaps one which was more open, flexible and perhaps transparent would have been better than Thursday night’s proceedings. That said – you mentioned some folks you like and I agree with at least a few of them – so all in all not bad.

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