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  1. Karen Robinson-Stark Says:

    Thank you for providing this forum for the Burbank City Council candidates to express their views. I found it very helpful for evaluating which candidates to choose. It is quite significant that, if no incumbents are returned, our Council will have members with little experience. I’m not in favor of term limits; voting privileges constitute the most democratic form of term limits. Yet, although there is a rational concern about learning curves at a time of significant turmoil in economic structures, I agree with something I saw elsewhere stated by candidate Humfreville (no endorsement implied at this time) to the gist that previous experience with current conditions is unlikely to be found in any candidate or incumbent. I saw a great deal of merit in the positions of all of the candidates on most of the issues. I was please to see those that admitted their lack of particular knowledge, and more pleased to see those that appeared to have it on specifics of your questions. Their statements regarding civil liberties, the common good, private enterprise and government accountability provided some insight as to how they would serve us. Thanks again for asking them.

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